Automobile Collision Steps

Ten steps to follow after an automobile collision:propertydamage

  1. Keep calm, stop to protect your passengers and car. Call an ambulance for any injured party, if required. Set flares if you carry them, and do not leave the scene of the accident.


  2. Do not discuss the accident with anyone or blame anyone, including yourself.  Exchange only licenses, registrations, and motor vehicle identification cards.


  3. Give only your name, address, license number, license plate number, name of registered owner of the car and your insurance company. Show your driver's license to the other party.

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  4. Take down the name, address, operators license number, date of birth, sex, state of license and the phone number of the other driver.  If you can some of this information may be obtained by taking pictures with your smart phone.


  5. Write down the name, address and the insurance company of the owner of the other car involved. The driver may not be the owner of the car.


  6. Seek information from police for all injured parties involved including passengers. Take down the names, addresses, dates of birth, sex, and extent of injury.


  7. Be sure to write down the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any people who saw the accident but were not involved in it. Passengers in accident are not the best witnesses.


  8. Note the make, body type, year and license number of the other vehicle. Also make note of the damage to the other vehicle.  If possible take pictures with your smart phone.


  9. Note below the date & time of the accident. Write down the location (street intersection or landmark).


  10. Report accident to your insurance agent immediately. If the accident involves death or injury, report it without delay to the police department. Obtain a copy of their report within 24 hours if possible (If a fatality is involved, it will normally take longer).

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