Personal Injury Protection

Personal Injury Protection or Med-Pay

Built in to many automobile insurance policies is a form of health and/or lost earnings insurance coverage called by various terms, including med-pay or personal injury protection (PIP).benefits. This coverage is available to the insured driver and any passengers in the insured's vehicle for injuries sustained, regardless of the fault of the driver. It is important to note that the insurance policy of the negligent defendant does not pay med- pay or PIP benefits to the injured plaintiff. These benefits are limited to the driver or passengers in the insured vehicle. The plaintiff looks to his or her own insurance policy or the policy on the vehicle in which he or she was a passenger for med- pay or PIP benefits. Pedestrians are often covered by PIP benefits on the vehicle which strikes them.   

In Texas, lost earnings may be covered by PIP benefits. Simple med-pay benefits do not include lost earnings.

The amount of med-pay or PIP benefits is determined by reference to the policy limit for this particular type of coverage, which may, in turn, be dictated by the law of the state in which the policy is issued.  In Texas these benefits are usually in amounts of $2500.00., $5000.00 or $10,000.00.

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