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Property damage is often difficult for the victim of an accident to understand.  The insurance company will have the option to repair or replace the vehicle.  Rarely are people satisfied with the amount of their property damage settlement. Here are a couple of  hints to help you in your negotiations with the insurance company.

When your car is damaged due to the negligence of someone else, you can settle either with your own insurance company or the other person's insurance company. It is often better to begin by trying to settle with the other person's insurance company because you avoid the discount for your deductible (although you will receive your deductible back after your own company subrogates against the other insurance company). If the defendant's insurance company will not settle with you or you think the settlement is unreasonable, you can contact your own insurance company to see what they would do. Often when a car is totaled, it is a very good idea to get two quotes.  . 

Something else to consider is that the tax, title and license fees you paid when you purchased your vehicle are part of your damages. Thus, even if you (reluctantly) agree what the car is worth, don't forget to add the tax, title and license fees on top of that. Do not expect your insurance company to mention these fees and taxes. Bring them up after you have reached an agreed base price on the vehicle. Then use it to get those additional dollars that will help reimburse you completely for your damages.

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